Freshly Made Buffet Food

A ‘set menu’ provides a convenient way of ordering an ‘inclusive’ buffet.

Questions to ask yourself when ordering, how many people would you like to cater for? what is your budget? what type of food is best suited to your guests?

A ‘normal’ buffet will comprise of:

Sandwiches, French baguettes, Mini rolls

Crisps, Tortillas, Homemade vegetable roots

Assorted Savouries

Desserts (cakes, cookies, fruit tarts)


All our standard buffets can incorporate these optional extra products:

fresh fruit


We will be only too happy to provide you with a quote.
Please note: When ordering for over 30 people, we recommend you opt for a wider variety of food, but if your budget is limited you could have smaller portions. Don’t forget any special dietary requirements: Vegetarians, Vegan, Coeliac, Kosher etc.


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