Buffet Express

Formed in 1999, Buffet Express has been steadily growing from a small acorn of inspiration, into a strong healthy company with the aspiration of a mighty oak. The website you are about to read is the next stage in fulfilling this vision. We have considerably extended the range of products which we now supply and have been asked by customers old and new to send out updated menus, but as we have been constantly developing new products, any new menus would have been out of date very quickly.

We have put together a selection of menu ideas; these are not set in stone and can be changed to suit your own requirements and budget. We have included the facility for you to design your own buffet, this can be found within the menu pages of the website.

There has also been a certain reluctance to rely solely on the written words to describe accurately and adequately our buffet products. Photographs had to be the answer. All the products you see have been prepared and cooked at Buffet Express and allowing for the odd prop in the picture, what you see is what you get.

As you browse the website, you will be pleased to learn that 95% of our products are home-made. It is the element of our business that separates us from the countless other companies supplying a corporate buffet service. The key ingredients of quality and passion really do come into their own at this point. It is simply not our way to buy a ready made quiche or chicken nugget and pop it into the oven or drop it into the fryer – it just has to be home-made and that’s the difference.

The Buffet Express team has now shared with you their essential ingredients for that successful recipe. You can now see the finished product; the tasting is up to you.

What people


“Just to say ‘thank you’ to you all for the wonderful buffet you prepared for our 25th wedding anniversary celebrations. We all had an absolutely fabulous day, with excellent comments on the food!”

Katrina & Kevin

“We would like to thank you for the wonderful food and prompt service. We really enjoyed what you provided, we have had some positive comments from our guests and each portion was generous. We would be happy to use you in the future and once again thank you. Keep up the good work and service.”

Maria and Alan Jones on behalf of Cephas Ministries

“Thank you for your wonderful buffet. It was delicious. Thank your staff for the preparation so well done”

Roy & Lesley Parsons

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