Christmas Hot & Cold buffet menu 2023


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Mixture of Sandwiches, Mini seeded rolls, Crusty Baguettes.

 Turkey & Cranberry, pork and stuffing, beef and horseradish, pork and apple sauce, chicken and stuffing, salmon and cucumber (f), chicken, bacon and mayo, ham and mustard.

Brie and cranberry (v), Ploughman’s (v), Hummus & roasted peppers (v), Egg & Cress (v).

 Assortment of Savouries includes:

 Pigs in blankets (Hot), sausage and stuffing rolls, pork pie and pickle, Scotch eggs, smoky maple nuggets (Hot), chicken drumsticks (Hot).

Vol au vents (v), mini quiches (v), savoury tartlets (v), Brie & Cranberry (v) Potato Wedges (Hot)


Crisps, veg roots, tortillas, mini cheddars, Doritos

 Assortment of Deserts

Mince pies, mini Danish pastries, homemade cakes and cookies